Knitting, knitting, and more knitting

Ashley discussed pies and turkey and the lack of knitting; poor Ashley! Horrors! I lucked out and had my sister in law, Katherine, here and she is nuts for knitting just like me, and so well, guess what we did? I also, used one of the local grocery stores to cook my dinner, so I had even more time for knitting.
I had a blast and of course ate too much, but did NOT knit too much (if that is

even possible hee, hee :)
I thought I would talk about the last minute rush to finish up those gifts and hopefully give you some motivation to keep on knitting. What I am doing is looking at my projects realistically (imagine) and given my knitting time I did finish a pair of socks this weekend, however, to be truthful they have been almost finished for about 3 weeks, so those may not count.
I inventoried my WIP's (works in progress) and decided to whip out a couple of simple short scarves this weekend (because I knew simple was best) and I will be giving those to some very special friends. The short scarf is really 'in' right now and is so quick to knit up. I also, looked through my costume jewelry and found a great pin to add and of course put the Lantern Moon Shawl Pin on the Artyarns scarf. I am soooooooooooo in LOVE with the Lorna's Laces Greenline yarn that I had a ball of Courage in my stash and just grabbed that and cast on 32 sts and away I
Look to your stitch dictionaries for some inspiration and choose something that you are comfortable with. I also, am excited about the Picot Cast On, so I used that to give the
project a bit of an edge (no pun intended) and also did a Picot Cast Off too. We are hopefully going to do some instructional videos this week and that will be at the top of my list.
Until then here is a simple description:
Using the knitted cast on method, cast on 5 sts, then cast off 2 sts, leaving 3 sts. Continue in this manner until you have the number of stitches you need.
The cast off is just doing this backwards. When you are ready to cast off, using the knitted cast on, cast on 3 sts and cast 2 sts off, then cast off normally 3 sts, and continue like this until you have all the sts cast off.
I had also brought Katherine to see the shop on Friday as she has only visited us online and I picked up 2 hanks of the new Artyarns Supermerino, color 127, I have been drooling over and am using the same pattern, went for it. I am in LOVE with that too and it doesn't feel like most
of the super wash yarns I have used. I really like the color choices too.

Here is Kristen one of our newest, modeling the short scarf in the Greenline Worsted, isn't she cute?
I just want to remind everyone, that while we all want to give that perfect hand knit gift to our loved ones, remember to have fun; it's just knitting!
Happy Knitting! Jeanne :)

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