Addendum with knitting, hmmm, imagine knitting?

I didn't quite have all the pictures needed when I blogged about our spectacular night out, so I thought I would get those up too! We are all still on an elegant night out twitter right now and work is so much fun!
The adorable couple to the left is our own Ashley and her handsome boyfriend Cory! During the evening I ran around and tried to get pictures of everyone at the table, but Cory took a walk and I didn't get the two of them. Thanks Sandy for your picture of them as they came into the dinner.

Now here is yours truly below with my honey, Geoff, but I think Geoff was caught off guard and he does have a nice smile, really. I just wanted to make sure everyone one was represented.

Thanks again to the Zander's for all you do for us.

So on to other matters that may be more important to you all, KNITTING! I just can't understand why knitting would be more important, but alas, I will touch on it a bit here.

I live, eat, breath and work fiber, knitting, crocheting, well you get the idea...My family has finally accepted that if I am not knitting while watching TV, riding in the car, walking, of even listening to a book (that's right listening, an amazing discovery that allows me to do two of my favorite passions together at once) that I am NOT a happy knitter! Of course we are all doing the mad Commando knitting to get that last scarf, hat, mittens, socks, or even a sweater cast off, blocked and in the box for that lucky recipient of our hand made passion. So I thought I would feature a couple of really quick projects here (just in case you are scrambling for a last minute knit) that won't take you 2 years to finish.

I actually knit these adorable Bulky Slippers for my 2 guys; Geoff my honey and Chris my 16 year old son.

I worked them up in about 4-5 ? hours for a pair and my 2 guys have huge feet! I even went so far as to put leather soles on them, because they will inevitably walk outside with them on.

Now, don't panic if you don't have a leather shop that you can get scraps from; use old Levi's for the soles, doubled and just sew them right on with some heavy duty yarn, thread, or leather shoe laces. I used some stash Berroco Naturlin, which will be sturdy and the color blended well with the slippers.

The other idea is to knit up our cute Wash Cloths that Laura knit for the Emmy's last year and use just one cloth to wrap up a nice bar of soap and you have a GREAT last minute gift.
I wish everyone a terrific holiday with tons and tons of fiber in your diet!

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