Tubas and knitting, do have something in common

What do Tubas and knitting have in common you might be asking? Well, the Tubas relate to my 16 year old son and his high school band (he plays the Tuba, but I bet you already guessed that?) they will be marching in the Tournament of Roses Parade on New Years day. Only 12 high schools are invited to participate and McQueen High School got the nod! So naturally we are making the trek down to Pasadena and there will time to knit on the way down, YEAH! Naturally as any good knitter might, I have a few (maybe 8, blush) things on needles right now in various states of completion, so what to take is the question. I will be of course taking my Artyarns beaded mohair and silk project to finish up (so close :) and reveal it to you when I come back.

This project has been sidelined a couple of times; most recently by Laura's need for a quick design for some the Grayson E beaded handles that will be featured in a couple of magazines in the Spring/Summer. This was a fun one and we should have some pictures soon. I really am in love with all of these handles and am thinking of doing another bag as soon as I get the Artyarns project done.

We will be gone about 6 days and I think the Artyarns project should be cast off about the 3rd day, so I will need another project for the balance of the trip. I need something simple and cute! I think I am going to work up the Blue Sky Alpacas Kitty Hat and leave my other WIP's at home; what's one more cast on??

I wish you all the holiday of your dreams, with lots of fiber in your diet!

See you in the New Year! Jeanne

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