Ocean Granny

My first road trip as an 'adult' was when I was 19 with my best friend Jamie. We drove from Reno to Santa Cruz, CA (only about 5 hours) to visit her Ocean Granny--a kind, spunky, creative, tap-dancing, singing, and remarkably modern grandma living in a retirement community close enough to the ocean to sneeze on it. And I was sure she couldn't be more than 75. An incredibly fit 75, at that.

When we pulled up, I was a little worried that in coming along with Jamie for her annual visit, I would be intruding on something sacred between them. When we walked in however, she opened her arms and scooped us both into a big hug like only a grandma can.

After making sure we were both sufficiently stuffed on a chicken-tomato-bean soup that seems to be entirely her own concoction, we spent the next five days playing a card game called hand and foot, walking along the beach, Boardwalk, and the open air mall (Pacific Arden, I think?). It was a lazy, low-key, relaxing, and simple vacation unlike any other I've ever had.

Recently, Jamie (now living in Sacramento--it's amazing how much distance 120 miles can feel like after spending four solid years seeing someone every day) and I were on the phone and she said "Mom told me the most amazing thing over the weekend, Ocean Granny is turning 90 this month!". Ninety. Neither of us had any idea she was anywhere near ninety. (Mind you, she's still cooking, tap dancing, card playing, and sharp as a tack. She came to our college graduation and kept up with all of us without batting an eye. Whatever she's done to stay that healthy, I want to know).

So--why am I telling you all about her and this milestone birthday? A ninetieth birthday calls for a knitted scarf, appropriately light for the Santa Cruz winter (usually not less than 65 degrees, from what I hear...?).

It's the Lace Spiral Scarf by Gail Owens, from 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders. I hope the color suits her, it's Kid Merino Print in Painted Iris.

Happy birthday, Ocean Granny!


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  1. It's the Pacific Garden Mall, and it's been in the low 60s until this weekend. Seems pretty chilly to me, but it's probably in the 50s. BRRRRRR! Happy Birthday, OG!

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