Emergency Stash Knitting!!

I can't possibly be the only one who, at 10pm the night before a gift-giving event, realizes there is absolutely no way that scraggly little ball of yarn bouncing on the floor to my side is going to last the rest of the project. Or, maybe I am...but I'm definitely not the only procrastinator out there with an immense amount of odds and ends in my stash. Lucky for me, most of my odds and ends are felting yarns, so when the blue and grey potholder didn't work out (it would have had a grey 'N' in the center, for UNR), I had about 7 other color options to play with.

Granted, it's not exactly symmetrical, but it isn't the ugliest hotpad in existance, either. It desperately needs to be shaved (this was taken this morning, fresh out of the washing machine), but most importantly, it's functional--and handmade. I think it'll go nicely with the rest of the gift (I can't give away too much, just in case my Secret Santa recipient happens upon this before tonight, luckily she's not a regular blog reader!).
Lesson learned from this late-night stash raid: Double-check remaining yardage before starting a project. Got it :-)

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