Back to the "real world" or at least the knitting world....

So, i've been off on a bit of a hiatus lately and i'm really excited to be back! I teach outdoor education in the spring and the fall with a local non-profit here in Reno and i've had the privilege of being up at outdoor school for the past few weeks molding the minds of America's youth. Sounds like a lot of pressure huh? Well actually, I just take kids out in the woods and teach them about science and stuff. You know, the usual. It's been a fun few weeks but I am so happy to be home where I am called by my actual name and not my "nature" name (which is Sequoia by the way) and where I can knit like crazy again.

Anyway, I have found some time to knit a bit and a lot of time to think about knitting so I have all kinds of fun new things to show you! First, my mom's Mother's Day gift was the Ishbel Shawl I talked about in my previous post. I just love the way the Noro Kureyon Sock is knitting up in this pattern. So bright and beautiful! I am thisclose to having it finished and although I know it's a bit late, she has already seen it and can't wait to wear it. I'll have it done soon mom, I promise!

A while back, Laura gave me a skein of a new Noro yarn we might start carrying and I whipped up this cute little slouchy hat that I am modeling in these somewhat terrible photos. It's gotten such rave reviews in the shop though that i'm currently working on the pattern for it. It should be ready soon along with a few more original Marinade designs patterns. Stay tuned...

So, I have decided that it is about time I to start knitting socks already!!! Everyone else is, so I might as well join the club. I picked up the new book by knit blogger Wendy Johnson from called Socks from the Toe Up. I know it's an unusual way to begin knitting socks but I really love the concept of knitting a sock this way. That way I can try it on as I go! I love it! I cast on this afternoon using the Figure 8 cast on as illustrated in the book and am knitting the Van Dyke Socks in Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport in last month's limited edition color "Robin's Eggs." (There are still a few left so get it while you can!) I think I am going to rip this out though and start over on a slightly smaller needle. I guess I am a looser knitter than I thought and I feel like a 1.5 would give me a better gauge. Oh Jeanne how you've made me such a perfectionist! Thank you. :) So far I am pleased with the pattern and I love this colorway of the Lorna's. I think it might even be my favorite so far...

I am so excited about these new little pendants in the shop. They are the Needle Gauge Pendants by Debra's Garden. They come in a bunch of colors and are super cute. I got a Wine colored one (so did Sandy and Jeanne) and I've been wearing it non-stop ever since. I love that one side has the needle sizes printed on it (0-17 US) and the other is blank so it kind of just looks like a cool little nautilus design. These are going to be great gifts for all of my knitter friends...

So now that things are calming down, I am looking forward to summer, getting my garden planted, lots of live music, swimming in Lake Tahoe, knitting a ton (of course) and meeting Baby Z who is due very soon.... We are playing the name game right now... Come out soon so we can meet you mystery boy!

Peace, Love and Knitting,

Kristen (aka. Sequoia) :)

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  1. Absolutely brilliant, Sequoia! Toe ups are so cool!! I can't wait to see the hat up close and in person!

    J :)