May I toot my own horn?

Why yes I think I will toot my own horn! I have to thank Laura so much for all of her support for my designs from my company 2 Askew Designs. I am in partnership with my knitting mentor and friend Allison Judge and at long last I have 2 more patterns ready to add to our list. I have 2 more that I should have ready in the next couple of weeks, just a little more tweeking on those :) You know it is so hard to get what I have in my head and a pile of notes, out onto a piece of paper so that you can get it into your head, but it's worth it!

The first pattern (that a wonderful customer just nudged me about the other day) is a Picot Lace Scarf and uses the Picot Cast On and Picot Cast off which we did these instructional videos for. In the picture you can see my lovely models, Kate & Ali, wearing the scarf in a scarf style and a neck wrap style. I love the thrift stores and one of the pins came from a great one here in Reno that I frequent looking for treasures. You can also check it out on our project log here.

Thanks to Kate & Ali for helping me out and posing, aren't they so good together. I just love the contrast and I had just taught Ali how to knit and helped Kate with some fingerless mitts she is making. They are friends of my daughter, who is the primary model in most of my patterns and which you can see here on our site. Allison uses her beautiful daughters to model for her and boy are we lucky, as all of our kids had a great dip in the gene pool :)

I used the Lorna's Laces Greenline Worsted and Artyarns Supermerino for these yummy scarves. I can't say enough about both of these yarns and can't wait to work something else up in them soon.

The other pattern is a pair of socks and for any of you who know me that is not unusual. I have been dubbed the sock queen at work and while I don't feel I deserve the honor it has stuck. I am ALWAYS knitting socks, sheesh give it a rest will ya?

These are called Picot Ribbed Socks and were so much fun to work on. I used Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock Yarn in one of our Limited Edition colors. Thanks again to Kate for loaning me her feet :)

They should be available for sale real soon and I thank all of you who have supported our budding design company! I happen to know that Allison is working on a vest that is soooooooo neat and a set of lace wash cloths too!

As always, Happy Knitting! Jeanne :)

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