Knitting in the great outdoors

Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend 3 days camping at California's Eagle Lake. We're talking towering pine trees, quaking aspens, breathtaking sunsets, and the occasional kangaroo mouse. Of course, I didn't want to take my Gayle jacket into the wilderness (it's about the size of a lap blanket, all of the pieces now sewn together in one place or another. So, I had an excuse to start a new project and try my new Fibersphere.

Here's Marcus Aurelius testing it out before the trip. I think they all thought it was a really BIG cat toy, but my yarn was safe as promised!

I got to start my Eyelet Halter from Knit So Fine
It has a really cool hem, a picot edge that is created by knitting a row of eyelets and then folding the piece over and knitting the two sides together.

It was a relaxing, beautiful weekend (only one quick thunderstorm--last year it snowed while we were there!) and the sunsets were breathtaking. Sure makes it hard to leave when the weekend is over...but we had our work cut out for us this weekend. It was time (or maybe a little late) to get our garden started and put our starts in the ground. If I listed everything we planted you'd either think I'm nuts or that I'm a little over-paranoid about buying commercially grown produce (maybe a little of both, but really it's just an ambitious attempt at expanding our hobby!). Let's just say everything from artichokes to zucchini. ;-)

Oh, and we acquired another cat. I've been told that I'm not eligible for crazy cat lady status because a) I'm too young, and b) we'll be married in August--so I think that makes us the crazy cat couple. We didn't adopt this one though, he came to us by way of a family member who's no longer able to take care of him (how can you say no when you have the space?)...his name is Chicken, rightfully so--he hid under the bed for quite awhile before coming out to check out the house. I'm sure he'll find his way into blog pictures soon enough!


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