1 Kureyon Sock Finished, 1 to go... Knitting/Diaper Bag?

I finished a sock! Notice that i said "a sock" and not "a pair of socks"... LOL. Don't know if i'll ever finish the 2nd one, to be quite honest. I used 1/2 hank of the Kureyon Sock (on sale) in color 164 - and have included more pattern details here. To be perfectly honest, this one didn't take me nearly as long as i had expected - and i really enjoyed knitting it. I had been searching for a pattern that was interesting, yet didn't require too much brain power (since i'm currently at a loss in that area). And this pattern turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. Now i just need to figure out what i'm going to knit next.

I am about 1/2 way done with my Mission Falls 1824 Cotton Bob Blanket, but now i'm not sure if i still like it... sigh. why do i always do this? I get about halfway through a project and then start to second guess myself... "are these colors right? do i like the texture? Does it look nice or too handmade?" Anyway, I knit 4 rows on it last night (even though it's just garter stitch, it takes me a little while because i have to cut the yarn at the end of each row and then do the braid work)... and figured that i'd probably just buck up and finish it. :)

On a separate (but still knitting) note, I recently took photos of all of the great knitted gifts we received for the baby. I'm going to try and gradually post them all on the blog, so you can see what a treat this baby is in for! First up is the absolutely ADORABLE Baby Bobbi Bear & Seaside Sweater knit by one of our most fun customers, Sandy. Isn't he just the best?? And I love the top down sweater (and the hooded jacket in the background). I have a feeling that kid is going to be carrying little Bobbi around every day! Speaking of babies, I'm due to have mine in just 28 days... and I am sooo excited to get my body back. My comfort level definitely goes up and down - and i realize that it could be much worse, but sometimes it's a real pain! I guess that's why i haven't been knitting as much - sitting on the couch at the end of the day just isn't as relaxing as it used to be. Not much longer, though. So, since the kid is arriving soon, I've been thinking (and thinking) about whether or not I need to get a diaper bag. As of today, we're having a weeklong Offhand Designs Mother's Day Bag Sale (at 25-30% off, we're trying to move some older colors/styles to make room for new ones) and i've been eyeing the Aquavite colorway for quite a few weeks now - it's blue and brown and complements the nursery, etc. I'm thinking that the Sabrina style might make the best diaper bag, since it has 2 different compartments (shown below) .... but i can't decide between that one (on sale) and the smaller Audrey bag. Too many decisions!

Thoughts?? Suggestions?

--Laura (Jimmy)

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  1. Just a suggestion on diaper bags, yes, you will need something to throw all that baby crap in, if you think you will ever leave the house WITH the baby at any point. Whatever you get, get one with a strap long enough to wear like a messenger bag, because between the baby, the baby's carrier, and your own things, you will want a hands-free bag that doesn't slip off your shoulder every time you lean slightly off-center. Good luck!

  2. Yes you need a diaper bag, but one that you don't have to hold on to. I gave my daughter in laws Vera Bradley backpacks. There are nice pockets, zippers, outside pocket for a water bottle etc. You can hang it over your shoulder or completely on your back. They come in some great colors and patterns. Look them up!!

  3. Oh my, yes, you need a diaper bag! Make sure you have many compartments and pockets so all of the extras don't fall to the bottom. You might want a couple different types of bags, one stylish and less functional:) and one very utilitarian. I had one that came with a changing pad and we used it a lot...it was vinyl and washable. Just some things to think about...

  4. I love my fleurville sling tote. It has cool patterns and colors, but it is fully plastic lined so that there is no worry for spills, blowouts, or getting dirty in anyway.There is a "mom" side that has cell and sunglasses pockets and it has a zippered pocket just for mom. You need lots of room for baby stuff and it comes with a changing pad, hooks for on the stroller, and a wipes case.