Drumroll please....

OK not really, the Gayle is (sighhhhhh) still under construction. BUT I have taken the sleeves off of the circulars and gone to five double points to complete the shaping. It's almost there...PROMISE! You know how much faster it goes when you get to the top of the sleeve and get to start casting off at each side! Luckily, one lesson I had the forethought to learn before using the trial-and-error method was to do just that--take one sleeve off of the circulars onto double points and start knitting back and forth rather than in the round beginning with the first cast-off rows. Although with a little creativity it might be possible without going to DPNs, I really don't have the ingenuity for all of that right now!!

The last couple of weeks have been a little crazy in the shop...Amber was lucky enough to have spent the last two weeks in Australia/New Zealand visiting family and let me tell you, the shop just wasn't the same without her. It sure was nice to have reign over the radio ;-) but I'm glad she's back!

It rained most of the weekend, but we did manage to plant a few bushes in the front yard to replace the dead ones we dug out (between torrential downpours). Though we'd planned to go with what was there before, a purple sage or something along those lines, a trip to Costco this weekend and a bargain on 5 gallon shrubs landed us with three Spirea bushes. They're really pretty, I can't wait until the 'Princess' (pink) one blooms! It should look like this:


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