An ode to too much knitting...

Ok so maybe not quite an Ode, but a bit of a whine; I am sore and knitting is part of the problem. I am also sleeping on my shoulder in a way that is causing it to get worse. I am trying to sleep in a new way with pillows supporting the shoulder, on the other side, but alas, I fall asleep and seem to end up in the wrong position again. So I am having to curb my knitting and knit big yarn with big needles. It does help, but I have had to put my love for socks completely aside for the moment and even my Shoalwater Shawl is on hold. Boo Hoo poor me! Ok enough whinning!

I decided to do some stash diving and came up with some (discontinued) Rowan yarn, Chunky Print, for the Court House Steps, log cabin blanket from the first Mason Dixon Knitting. I am using a US 11, but don't despair if you don't have some Chunky Print hanging around, I highly recommend a look at the Lamb's Pride bulky for this one. I decided that I wanted to add a little color to the beige steps and grabbed some bulky in color, Prairie Fire.

How about really doing a soft snuggly Log Cabin in the Misti Alpaca Chunky, multi and solid? I love the patterns in the book and this is so fun and easy. I am going to just knit it until my stash is gone and then if it isn't the size I want, I will just add more Prairie Fire and do a mitered border.

Well back to the Advil for my hands and shoulder and off the help with your knitting projects.

As always happy knitting! Jeanne

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  1. Have you tried Therapeutic Massage on your arm(s). It will hurt like heck at first but it will be worth it. After your arms are healthy (this could take one or many sessions depending on the extent of your "issues") you will be able to do self massage before, during or after and keep yourself healthy and happy knitting what you want to knit.

  2. Erin, thanks for the suggestion and I will put it on the list. I have gotten hold of a book of fantastic stretches and it is helping. I am also, practicing my continental knitting too for some stress relief. I actually slept pain free last night, YEAH!