Oh, frogging.

Have you ever gotten a solid 12 rows into a piece only to realize you've begun on the wrong side, or right side, as the case may be, when you needed to begin on the opposite? And what's worse--found there's no salvageable way around frogging the whole thing and starting over?

That's the tragedy of my Gayle this weekend--Saturday evening, while knitting the collar, and after having torn out 4 rows of cabling before it thinking I could still salvage the collar without starting it entirely over again, I discovered that I could not in fact work a yarn miracle. So, if you are like me and are not in fact capable of spinning fleece into gold or walking on water--be VERY, VERY sure that you know which side is the 'Wrong Side' and which side is the 'Right Side' before beginning any section that say, instructs you to pick up stitches along the Right Side of jacket, Wrong Side of collar. Sure, it sounds simple enough....

...after tearing out the entirety of the collar, and beginning again I'm happy to report it nearly finished!

I took a break in the knitting for a little day trip to celebrate our three-year anniversary (yeah, the dating anniversary of course--the wedding is still *gasp* three months away!). We took a drive through Carson City and stopped at the Nevada History Museum, then on up to Virginia City (round trip about 70 miles from our house) for The Way it Was Museum (see photo below--I'm a sucker for cheesy photo ops), ice cream cones, and an old time photo from one of those shops that has the costumes all ready to go. Tourist-y activities aside, it is pretty cool to have a historical site like that so close to home...


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