A brief break...

The epic Gayle jacket saga continues...this weekend with the blocking of the back and front pieces, seaming of the shoulders, and the knitting of the collar! I used the recommended Back Stitch for the shoulder seams (I learned how using my trusty Vogue Ultimate Knitting Book--thanks, Mom!).

This project has really reinforced my belief that with enough patience and perseverance anyone really can knit anything. It sounds ridiculous, but before this project my knitting experience included five scarves, three beanies, two baby blankets, two sets of wrist warmers, a pullover, a cardigan....and um, a partridge in a pear tree...all of which were more or less in garter stitch with an eyelet here or there, and here's this gargantuan thing that, given, has taken me months to complete (knock on wood, haha...) but is waaaaaaaay more advanced than anything I could have dreamed up. I mean really, could I have picked a more complex knit? Ok, probably yes...but still, my point is that I just took a deep breath and dove in...asked a question here and there and broke open my knitting manual more than once...and here it is, well, almost!

Anyway, I just have to say...don't be afraid to tackle a project that's a bit outside your comfort zone. Just be patient with yourself and don't be afraid to make a frog-worthy mistake!


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