Amaz-tastic Afghans!

Blankets are one of my favorite things. Some of my favorite memories are curled up with my mom under an afghan my grandmother had crocheted, reading The Chronicles of Narnia and making elaborate forts out of every blanket in the house –even my best friend growing up was named Blanky (he is a blanket). Whether it be a quilt, throw or afghan, there is warmth held by handmade blankets that is impossible to find in any store-bought blanket from Bed Bath and Beyond, even if it is electric. While I have always been somewhat envious of those who had the patience to knit or crochet an entire afghan, it was never a project I even considered tackling… until we received Comfort Knitting & Crochet Afghans book.

I know, I know, spring is here and the majority of us are not thinking about projects meant to keep us warm. But blankets are also indispensable on picnics, stargazing, chilly summer evenings around a fire-pit, and so much more! Every page of Afghans unveils a classic, funky, or simply gorgeous design. This fantastical book is the collaborative effort of Norah Gaughan, Margery Winter and the Berroco Design Team, each pattern a unique creation. Every project in this book is knit in Berroco’s yarn Comfort, which comes in three weights, Sock, Worsted and Bulky and is a silken bend of ultra-fine Acrylic and Nylon. Of course you can easily substitute any of your other favorite yarns as well :)

It would be impossible to pick a favorite from this volume of spectacular afghans, but there are a few I could actually see myself committing to a few such as Spiral and Greenway (also featured as kits on our website) as well as and as Kilim and Floret (not pictured, but you can check out these, and the rest of the afghans here). If you like what you see or are hunting for your next big project, I encourage you to check out this book!

Happy knitting and crocheting!


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