Spring is springing,,,,,

With spring comes my desire to wear comfortable light clothing, but my knitting does not get put away. I am one of those who can't not knit, so I just change the weight of what is laying in my lap. Of course I am ALWAYS knitting socks because they are easy to carry along and don't make me hot while knitting them. I am about to finish up my Hydrangea socks from Janel Laidman's book The Eclectic Sole, so I have to get going on another pair.

I am using the Handmaiden Merino 2/6 yarn in Fleur, but I think I will do my next pair in Panda Cotton yarn for a lighter spring/summer pair. I love the Panda Cotton because it wears like iron, but is so nice and soft to wear. Bamboo has one of the best wicking properties, so all of my Panda Cotton socks keep my feet dry and comfy all day! Of course now I need to decide on the color for my socks and what pattern to use?? Decisions, decisions!! How about Blueberry Pancakes?

Of course we just got the most amazing book into the shop yesterday (I bought it imagine?) The Haapsalu Shawl and I had been wanting to get it, so voila it appeared and I browsed through it last night while (see below) Huck was sleeping. FABULOUS!! This book makes me proud to be a knitter and humbled by the knitters that have come before me.

So I was going to finish this post yesterday, but it was a bit hectic in the shop AND I got to sit with our little Huck last night for a couple of hours and darn he's a sweetie! He fell asleep in my arms hugging his little sheep 'Chopper' and I had a hard time laying him in his crib. So alas, this post will get posted this morning and remember babies don't keep, so enjoy those special little moments. Ahhhh I am in baby heaven! When can I watch him again, please, please!!! :)

At any rate I could go on and on, but I need to get going to work and as always I wish you happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne :)

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