What's going on around the shop?

I wish ALL of our customers could come into the shop and see what's going on around there lately, WOW! Terry has taken over the organization of things and I can't tell you what a great thing it is too!

She has straightened, moved, restocked and just generally tidied up the place with the help of my other retail beans, Sara and Sarah!

No I am not stuttering we have 2 Sara's/Sarah's now and it gets a bit confusing, but I hope you get to meet them both real soon! They are both so neat you will love them!

I have also had some great show-n-tell lately and one of our regular customers, Marilyn, came in to pick a bit of yarn and have some wound, but what she had in her bag was AMAZING!! She knit this sweater up in about 2 months (she is a lunatic knitter and she thought that was a long time, but it might take me 2 years :) from The Rowan Lima Collection book. Of course this is knit out of the Rowan Lima yarn, color Chile 882.

Don't despair, as I will be posting the name of the sweater, yarn amounts, needles and so on on our project log in the next couple of days, but until then these pictures will have to suffice. Sorry to be a bit of a tease, but I have been getting ready to do some filming tomorrow. I promise to get the details up ASAP! Thanks Marilyn for letting me take your picture and I just can't get over how great this project turned out!

Now that I mention the filming I love it when you all let me know what you want to have us tape for you, so please keep the ideas and suggestions coming, email me at info@jimmybeanswool.com. We have a HUGE list of new products and couple of new instructional videos on the list too!

So with that said I need to toddle off and get my stuff together for filming, hmmm, size ? 40" circular needles, tapestry needles, water in a cup, so can you guess what we might be working on teaching you?? There are 3 instructional videos in that list and if you can figure it out before they are posted I'll buy you a frozen yogurt, of course if you live out of town it might be a bit sloppy when it arrives, ha ha!

As always happy knitting and crocheting! Jeanne

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