How about learning more suff??

You know I don't think I can come to work without leaving with something new, dog gone it! What's up with that?? LOL!

Today I bought the book Knitwear Design Workshop by Shirley Paden a fantastic designer who has compiled an amazing amount of information within the pages of this book!

WOW this book has absolutely everything that you could ever want to know about how to create your own custom fit garment!

I can't wait to study it in detail and create my own perfectly fit sweater, jacket, or just whatever I want to make just for me!! Of course the jacket on the cover is what drew me in with all those beautiful twisted stitches how could I go wrong with??

So with that decided I better go get some yarn to go with it?? HA HA HA!! Ok, ok now that you have picked yourself up off the floor (because as many of you know I have more yarn than I will ever be able to work up) I am thinking of what yarn to use for the jacket, no really I am.

I don't think I have it in my stash, what am I to do?? I guess I will just have to buy some more yarn...imagine??

How about the Cascade Lana D' Oro yarn for the project? This yarn is one of my very favorite yarns to knit with and I think it is because of the 50/50 blend of wool and alpaca. The hand is just perfect and I have knit quite a few small projects with it, so a big one would be a real pleasure.

Of course I love the Ecru for this classic project and since this yarn is so affordable I won't have to take out that second mortgage to pay for the jacket.

At any rate stay tuned for more on this project and as always, happy knitting and crocheting!


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