Stuffed Toys


My sister came up from L.A. to visit me last weekend and since I refrained from schoolwork for the 3 and a half days she was here, I decided to knit while we chatted and watched movies (the things we love to do most). I decided I wanted to make her a stuffed animal because i was inspired by Sharon and Sara K.'s Iris monsters. Anyway, we found an adorable pattern on Ravelry called "Nellie the Elephant", and I had her look through my stash and pick some yarn. She picked out chartreuse/citron and teal worsted weight yarn and I cast on immediately. Of course I did not finish, and who knows when I will, but it felt good to knit after such a long time!! I have the body and one leg completed, I just need 3 more legs and ears, and eyes. I cant believe that only a couple months ago I was wary of dpns. They're awesome!!

An excuse to post a picture of my little cuddle bunny: A couple months ago I was almost done with a hot pink and lime green cat bed for my adorable cat Tin Tin, but still have not finished it!! I gave in and bought him a pink polka dot (dog) bed, but this summer I am going to finish the other one. He REALLY wants a fuzzy felted neon kitty bed, I just know it!


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