Jimmy's Journey, Day 10 of 15: Madelinetosh

Welcome to Day 10 of Jimmy's Journey to 15!

Have you heard about Jimmy's Journey to 15?! It's our 15th anniversary this year, and we will be sharing the story of JBW, year-by-year, here on our blog! Join us on the journey as we celebrate 15 years in business and highlight 15 partners in the yarn industry! Each day we'll kick off the blog post with a short clip of Jimmy (a.k.a. Laura) recounting one year of our history, while telling the story of a vendor who came along for the ride!

In this video, Jimmy chats about the move to our Capital Blvd. location, her trip to the White House, and about our first ever Madelinetosh Onesie shipment!

For your crafting pleasure, we have just received a HUGE shipment of Madelinetosh Onesies at 15% OFF!!! These mystery onesies have been sorted by yarn base and color group, rather than by color. This means that when you place your order for your selected yarn base, you won't know exactly which colorway you will receive in the mail! (We all enjoy a little bit of mystery in our lives, and we thought that you might too!) Colors have been grouped as follows: Blue/Green, Pink/Purple, Red/Orange/Yellow, Neutral, and Mega Mystery.

BONUS! To sweeten the pot, we'll also include a small free gift in every order placed during our 15 days of Jimmy’s Journey, as a token of our gratitude to all of our amazing customers out there! 

*click images for links to Onesies*

In addition to the links above, we also have Onesies in the following bases: Tosh Chunky, BFL Sock, Pure Silk Lace, and Silk Merino.

What are 'onesies', you might ask? Onesies are one-of-a-kind skeins - no two skeins are exactly alike. A onesie is born when, for one reason or another, the skein did not meet the regular dye requirements for that particular colorway. Of course, the colors are still exceptional, the yarn is first quality, and they are deliciously squishy-soft as ever! 

Wool Watcher Alert: Tosh is taking over!

Take a peek at our Wool Watcher page today - you never know which Madelinetosh favorites you will see, and have the opportunity to add to your stash!

Project Log: Oldies, but goodies!

We've completed our fair share of Tosh projects over the years - here are some of our favorites!

*click images for links to projects*

2011, Year 10 in Review!

When 2011 rolled around, JBW had the opportunity to expand into a much larger space (20,000 square feet, to be exact), and we jumped on it! This was our first year at our Capital Blvd. address, and we were able to "stretch our legs" a bit. More room in the warehouse, meant more room for yarn!

Around this same time, Jimmy was introduced to Amy, from Madelinetosh, by her friend, Ann Norling! Jimmy and Amy had dinner together one night, and she really enjoyed learning about Amy's family and background. Fun fact: Amy and her husband are a husband-wife team, just like Jimmy and Doug! Jimmy's favorite Tosh yarn is Tosh Merino Light in the color Composition Book Grey: "Isn't it everyone's favorite?!"

Thank you for joining us on Day 10 of Jimmy's Journey to 15! Be sure to join us again tomorrow for Day 11, where we'll highlight our 11th year in business along with a vendor that joined us along the way! And be sure to check out our Ravelry discussion thread and chime in with any comments you may have as we reminisce together about the last 15 years! You can also spread the word on social media using the hashtag #jimmysjourney15


Jimmy & the Beans

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