Jimmy's Journey, Day 5 of 15: Trendsetter and Lotus

Welcome to Day 5 of Jimmy's Journey to 15!

Have you heard about Jimmy's Journey to 15?! It's our 15th anniversary this year, and we will be sharing the story of JBW, year-by-year, here on our blog! Join us on the journey as we celebrate 15 years in business and highlight 15 partners in the yarn industry! Each day we'll kick off the blog post with a short clip of Jimmy (a.k.a. Laura) recounting one year of our history, while telling the story of a vendor who came along for the ride!

In this video, Jimmy chats about the first expansion of the Reno, NV store, and how her friendship with Barry, of Trendsetter Yarns, developed!

Lotus - 50% OFF!!!

If your dreams are made of cashmere, then we just received the perfect shipment for you! Trendsetter sent us boxes upon boxes of delightfully soft yarn, just ready to be knit with: Cashmere Fingering, Cashmere DK, Handspun Cashmere, Bamboo Soft, Forest Dew Aran, Moon Night, Silky Cashmere Aran, Silky Cashmere Aran Hand Dyed, Tibetan Cloud Worsted, Winter Sun Aran, and Winter Sun DK

BONUS! To sweeten the pot, we'll also include a small free gift in every order placed during our 15 days of Jimmy’s Journey, as a token of our gratitude to all of our amazing customers out there! 

We're feeling knitspired by these projects, and we hope that you will too!

Cashmere Fingering - 50% OFF!

Cashmere DK - 50% OFF!

Handspun Cashmere - 50% OFF!
*Jimmy's Favorite Lotus Yarn*

Jenny, one of the gals on our Marketing team, was so excited when she saw all of the colors of the Cashmere Fingering, that she decided right then and there to knit her dad a cashmere sweater! You see, Jenny has knit her dad a few hats in the past; however, he doesn't enjoy wearing any of them (the wool is itchy). I only tell you this story, because Father's Day is coming up, guys & gals! Cashmere sweaters (or scarves, or hats) make the perfect Father's Day gift for dad. At 50% OFF, this Lotus deal can't be beat! 

Wool Watcher Alert: Trendsetter!

Don't forget to check our Wool Watcher page today - you never know which Trendsetter yarns you'll see! Keep an eye out, so you can be sure to add these beauties to your stash!

2006, Year 5 in Review!

In 2006, JBW moved into a pet store - no, really, we did! We quickly outgrew our first location in Reno, and moved into a nearby storefront that was previously a pet store. Jimmy and the Beans worked hard to clean the space of any lingering pet smells or hair, and moved a different type of "fur" into the shop - yarn! This move increased our square footage by 50%, which allowed for more inventory...

After meeting Barry Klein at an industry trade show, Trendsetter quickly became a favorite of Jimmy's and our inventory grew! Jimmy explains that she was in "awe" of Barry and looked up to him as an "icon" in the yarn industry: "He and his wife are such great people and are just so, so kind". Jimmy has two Trendsetter favorites - Transitions & Handspun Cashmere (a Lotus yarn, but distributed by Trendsetter)! She mentions that the Transitions yarn is a favorite, because of the packaging: "It comes in a box - I am a sucker for packaging!" Handspun Cashmere is her most coveted stash item, and she only uses it for special occasions.

Thank you for joining us on Day 5 of Jimmy's Journey to 15! Be sure to join us again tomorrow for Day 6, where we'll highlight our 6th year in business along with a vendor that joined us along the way! And be sure to check out our Ravelry discussion thread and chime in with any comments you may have as we reminisce together about the last 15 years! You can also spread the word on social media using the hashtag #jimmysjourney15


Jimmy & the Beans

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  1. I remember being so thrilled with the new store, and then so disappointed a couple years later to find you gone (thankfully, only relocated). The years I lived in Reno (1971-1981) were not the greatest, yarn-wise -- no internet, no LYS. But since I visit family there fairly often, I always make sure to include at stop at JBW in my schedule.

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